EGO AND DHARMAPRACTICE – next Zazen day, 09.09.2012

Dharma means teaching of the Buddha , teaching of an enlightened being . It also means  universal law .Master Deshimaru used to call it   cosmic order .  EGO, also called  SELF ,  means a living human being , João , Peter  , Maria , Carlos  etc .  Though being part of the cosmic totality   EGO  sees  itself  separated from oneness . When  EGO recognizes that being seperated is the reason for suffering,    EGO  might  engage in Dharmapractice  to become complete  , to heal the split between me and you ,  between right and wrong . But in the beginning  EGO  has not yet experienced  that the reason for suffering comes from  its own limited view. So  ironically  EGOs  Dharmapractice  is coloured  by EGOs  personal view about  what Dharma is. Instead of  letting  go its personal  views , the reason for suffering,  EGO  tries to practice  its personal Dharma ,  a small  limited  Dharma .

 To practice the true Dharma it is necessary to follow a teacher . If there is no teacher available we  should practice around those who have a stable practice  and follow  the texts of the Buddha  and the ancient masters . Practicing  the Dharma means  in the first place  to practice regularly  ZAZEN together ,  not ones personal small ZAZEN.


 The next  day of ZAZEN  in September will  be  Sunday the  9th .  I suppose it would be a good start  to have  an open talk and sharing  about the  topics above  including the values of the three treasures of the Buddhist way :  Buddha ,  Dharma  , Sangha  .

    As  a Sangha it is very important that we share with eachother  how we see and live our practice .   Daily life and common actions are great teachers.  Sharing  these themes deepens mutual  understanding and confidence into eachother .

We  will  begin with a ZAZEN  as usual  at  9 am  followed by a talk and lunch .  And then we see how the afternoon  takes shape .  Lets start softly and harmoniously  the first steps of  a new circle .

 Gassho  Carl