About Us

The actual Dojo Tai Ku An was built in 2005 with the help of the Zen Community.

It is situated about 10 km away from the ocean near the village Barão S. João (Lagos). In a remote area surrounded by a vineyard, the Dojo lies near to an oak forest .

About 100m away from the Dojo
Annette and Carl live together with their daughter Emilia in a wooden house. The family also includes 2 dogs and a cat .

On the land are growing fruit trees and a vegetable garden is maintained. In the summer we fabricate our Dojo-wine.

For guests and people who want to help there are 2 caravans near the Dojo with possibility to cook.

What do we offer


7h30 – 8h30 – Dojo

19h30 – 20h30 – Dojo

7h30 – 8h30 – Dojo

1st Sunday (Month)
9h – 18h – Zazen Day
(8h30 – newcomers arrival)

  • Weekly practice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thurdays
  • On the first Sunday of each month we have a day of Zazen from 9h00 until 18h00

People who want to intensify their meditation practice are welcome to do so for a certain time.

The price per caravan is on demand.

Besides the Zazen practice there are given:

  • Tai Ji classes and Yoga lessons in the Dojo.
  • We also provide Bioenergetic Massage .

More Information: