DAY OF ZAZEN, Sunday the 3rd of January 2021









the flow of nature is everywhere


Let´s enjoy together the first Day of ZAZEN in  2021.

Sunday the 3rd of January we start at 9pm – 12:30pm. Please bring some lunch snack to share.

Feel welcome to the Dojo TAI KU AN in Barão de São João, Lagos.


Annette  (918387050)



DAY OF ZAZEN, 6th of December 2020










meditation gives clarity

clarity gives awareness

clear awareness leads us to our true nature

feell welcome to the ZAZEN day on the 6th of December 2020, in the DOJO TAI KU AN, Barão de São João, from 9:00h – 13:00h. Donation based

Please bring some food to share for Lunch. Thanks




DAY of ZAZEN, 1st of November















All Saint´s Day, full Moon, let´s celebrate this special time of the year in silence

On Sunday the 1st of November we practice ZAZEN from 9:00am to 12:30pm. In the Dojo TAI KU An in Barão de São João, Lagos. After Zazen we´ll  have a tea together and some snacks to share. Donation based

Feel all very welcome.


Annette   (918387050)