Dear friends,
just know that on the coming Sunday, 5 th of April, there will be no public ZAZENDAY in the Dojo Tai Ku An. Stay with your own deep silence. May the rain fill lakes and rivers. And we will cross to the other shore together in the time to come.


DAY of ZAZEN, 1st of March 2020








       ” Shiki soku ze ku”, all things, body &mind, return to your source

We would love to see you for the next day of ZAZEN, Sunday the 1st of March, 2020,  from 9:00am – 14:00pm, in the Dojo Tai Ku An in Barão de São João, Lagos. Donation based. Please bring some vegetarian food to share.

Let´s join for sharing our sources. It´s all one

Feel very welcome





ZAZENDAY, 2nd of February 2020

dear friends, on Sunday, 2nd of February we will do a half day of ZAZEN meditation in the Dojo Tai Ku An near Barão de São João. The schedule will be a bit different as usually: we will start at 8 h 30 and will finish at 12 h 30. After the mediation we will have lunch together and we ask everybody to bring a small vegetarian meal which we will share. During the interruptions between the ZAZEN periods we will keep the silence. Donation based. Please feel all very welcome and try to arrive a bit earlier than we start.

Gassho Carl