photo L Cohen


As sure as the rain is falling from the sky we will leave this world as naked as we arrived. Pride and blindness issued from ignorance of our Buddha Nature are part of mankinds attitude.Through ZAZEN we will connect with our deeper inside and let it spread into our dayly life.

On Sunday the 5th of October there will be a day of ZAZEN in the Dojo Tai Ku An near Barão São João. We will start at 9 am and finish at 6 pm. Comfortable clothes recomended. A vegetarian lunch will be served. Donation based. Newcomers are very wellcome .

Gassho Georges


From 11th to 13th October there will be a Sesshin in the ZEN TEMPLE SHORIN-JI in Spain near Madrid. At least 2 people of our Dojo will go. There is free space in the car. If you are interested to come, please send a mail or contact directly Georges under :  282 913 225   .