Pausa/ Break Agosto 2018

Amigas e Amigos do Zen Dojo Tai Ku An

temos Ferias em Agosto 2018

próximo dia de Zazen vai ser no dia 02.09.2018

boa praia



Dear friends of the Zen Dojo Tai Ku An

in August we are on holidays

next day of Zazen will be held on the 2rd of Septembre 2018





ZAZENDAY , 1st of JULY 2018

old becomes new
in the eye of here and now
new becomes old
in yesterdays thoughts

dear friends, we will meet again for ZAZEN on Sunday, 1st of July in the Dojo Tai Ku An near Barão de São João. We will start at 9 am and will finish around 2 pm. A vegetarian lunch will be served.  Donation based. Feel very welcome to participate.

Gassho Carl